We Don’t Aim for One. We Aim for All.

TSG Therapeutics Pte. Ltd. (“TSG”) is a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company on a mission to eliminate viral infectious diseases. TSG is committed to translating antiviral research breakthroughs into urgently needed medicines. We have established a proven platform for developing drug candidates with potent antiviral activity against a wide range of infectious viral diseases, from Dengue and Zika, to Ebola and Rabies. Our goal is to produce the “penicillin for viruses” that will save millions of lives around the world.

Conventional approaches to antiviral therapy are based on a narrow “one bug, one drug” concept. By combining innovative approaches across engineering and medicine, TSG has developed a “one drug, many bugs” model by targeting a feature common to many viruses: the lipid envelope. This coating around the virus both protects viral particles and contains proteins that enable the particles to attach to and infect the host cells. Disrupting the lipid envelope eliminates the virus’s threat, as it can no longer replicate and infect the host. Targeting the viral envelope also avoids the risk of drug resistance, a growing concern with many other antiviral therapies.

TSG has developed a series of antiviral peptides with a first in-class mechanism that has already demonstrated superior advantages over conventional antiviral strategies. Unlike typical antivirals which are effective only when administered soon after infection, our drug candidates are effective even when administered several days after infection, based on successful animal studies. These are important differentiators and offer a significant advantage for treating many infectious viral diseases.